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1969 Chico Viola Awards XII

1. País tropical                                                 Wilson Simonal         Odeon 
2. Aquele abraço                                               Gilberto Gil               Philips
3. Sentado à beira do caminho                           Erasmo Carlos          RGE
4. A namorada que sonhei                                 Nilton Cesar              RCA
5. F... comme femme                                        Adamo                      Odeon

6. Sou louca por você                                       Elizabeth                   Caravelle
7. Tudo passará                                                Nelson Ned               Copacabana
8. O pequeno burguês                                       Martinho da Vila         RCA
9. Adeus, ingrata                                              Claudio Fontana          Copacabana 
10. Eu disse adeus                                           Roberto Carlos           CBS

11. Férias na India                                           Nilton Cesar                 RCA
12. Uma lagrima (Una lacrima)                          Paulo Henrique             RCA
13. Deixa-me outro dia, menos hoje                   Agnaldo Timoteo          Odeon 
14. O vagabundo (Il giramondo)                         Os Incriveis                 RCA 
15. Será?                                                        Marcos Roberto            Continental

16. Se eu pudesse conversar com Deus             Antonio Marcos            RCA
17. Aqueles tempos (Those were the days)         Joelma                        Chantecler 
18. Aqui                                                            Martinha                     Copacabana
19. Casa de bamba                                           Jair Rodrigues              Philips
20. Murmura o mar (Bruit des vagues)                 Altemar Dutra              Odeon

21. Não fico mais sem teu carinho                     Antonio Marcos             RCA
22. Distante dos olhos (Lontano dagli occhi)       Moacyr Franco              Copacabana
23. Vou pedir outra vez                                      Paulo Sergio                Caravelle
24. O amor é tudo (Love is all)                            Agnaldo Rayol             Copacabana
25. Se ela voltar                                                Wanderley Cardoso      Copacabana 

26. Tão belo era outrora (Memories are made of this)  Roberto Barreiros  Chantecler

14 March 1970 - Things had been changing (for the worse) steadily but surely since the April 1964 military putsch. Most of the Brazilian press that wholeheartedly embraced the coup d'etait 6 years earlier were now having 2nd thoughts about their folly in helping to oust a representative democracy and take a jump into the darkness of totalitarianism that no one knew where it would stop if stop it woud at all. 

TV Record knew it was losing ground rapidly to Rio de Janeiro's TV Globo the darling of the regime. TV Excelsior which had been the #1 TV station prior to the coup was about to die, TV Tupi was just 'hanging there'. Brazil was fast going from a democracy (since 1946) into a one-party-state and now a one-TV-network-country. 

Just before Christmas 1969 the military had turned even more sanguinary and introduced total censorship of the press through infamous AI-5 (Act #5). Many people saw no other way out by leaving the country. Singer Gilberto Gil who was forced to leave the country and seek asylum in London, England afer having been kidnapped by a para-military group had the 2nd best selling single in 1969 with 'Aquele abraço' - the song he ironically wrote to say 'good-bye' to Brazilians before leaving the country.

Geraldo Vandré's 'Caminhando' was banned by the Junta and TV Record would no hear of including it in the Chico Viola's list of 'best selling 1969 records'.

1970 would be the year that the Dictatorship would 'consolidate' its power due to the popularity of the Brazilian football team at the World Cup in Mexico.


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